Our Mission

Our Mission

Princeton Justice Initiative is a social impact, legal aid, and public interest 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to alleviate, reduce and eliminate poverty in New Jersey.

PJI pursues this mission via a multi-faceted, evidence-based, and holistic approach by providing civil legal aid and access to resources to individuals and families in need while also mobilizing the community and engaging key stakeholders in the fight against poverty and economic injustice.

Mission-driven activities

PJI seeks to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision by:

  1. Providing direct relief services to people who are economically disadvantaged such as civil legal aid; connecting people with local resources to help them meet basic needs; assisting with obtaining public assistance and social services; and long term client advocacy and mentorship support;
  1. Undertaking impact and public interest research and pursuing litigation and public policy reform aimed at improving the systemic inefficiencies which perpetuate poverty, have an adverse impact on the poor, or are economically unjust;
  2. Maximizing community involvement in finding solutions to poverty and economic injustice through partnership, coalition building, creating community think-tanks and taskforces, leading anti-poverty projects, and information sharing; and
  3. Inspiring and empowering clients through civic advocacy training, community organizing guidance, and legal rights education.