How We Help

Princeton Justice Initiative helps people resolve civil legal issues which affect their everyday lives. In doing so, we seek to alter the circumstances which perpetuate poverty.

Overcoming the many problems associated with poverty requires being able to access economic, social and legal justice. Understanding what legal rights and social services assistance is available can mean the difference between progress and falling deeper into poverty or escalating a crisis.

Our attorneys provide legal advice, assistance with self-representation, and well-vetted referrals to private attorneys and organizations which provide pro bono civil legal help.

Our Client Advocates work with clients to design an individualized, practical action plan to help them move forward. We continue to support our clients over the long term to ensure they stay on course.


By providing this help, Princeton Justice Initiative enables people to:

  • Alleviate food insecurity
  • Remove barriers to accessing income supports, child support, healthcare, public benefits, affordable housing, education and employment
  • Help veterans access benefits and privileges associated with their service
  • Receive accommodations in school or the workplace for a disability
  • Arrange for care of the elderly
  • Escape domestic violence
  • Stop creditor abuses
  • Cope with a family crisis
  • Respond to foreclosure or eviction proceedings
  • Resolve immigration-related problems