Helping The Solivan Family

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Helping The Solivan Family Achieve the Dream of Affordable Homeownership

Helping The Solivan Family Achieve the Dream of Affordable Homeownership

Vanessa Solivan and her three teenage children are lifelong residents of Trenton.     

The Solivan family’s epic struggle of living in poverty in America was featured in a 2018 New York Times article by Dr. Matthew Desmond, a social scientist and professor at Princeton University.  Americans Want to Believe Jobs are the Solution to Poverty.  They’re Not.”  Matthew Desmond,” New York Times, Sept. 11, 2018 

Like so many families throughout New Jersey, the Solivan’s struggled all their lives to find permanent affordable housing.   Home ownership seemed like an impossible dream.    


But, thanks to a devoted team of volunteers, community partners, and the City of Trenton working together, the dream of homeownership came true for Vanessa Solivan. In June 2023, Vanessa Solivan became the owner of a property in Trenton.   


It also inspired the City of Trenton to offer residents that provided funding to revive blighted properties in the City and create affordable homeownership for many other City residents.   


The Powerful Impact of Initiative   

Creating Bright from Blight: 

Paving the Way to Affordable Homeownership in Blighted Neighborhoods 



Nancy Lottinville, is a talented land use and redevelopment law attorney in New Jersey.  Nancy answered PJI’s call to serve as a volunteer to represent Vanessa Solivan.  As a result of Nancy’s tireless advocacy, the Solivan has a home to call their own.   

Nancy’s accomplishment is an example of the profound impact the attorneys who provide pro bono service are having on the lives of the families PJI serve. 

Stay tuned for updates and photos of the property as work continues.   

To learn more about the family’s journey or to learn how you can help, contact Lee Parasole at or call 973-714-0858.   

Thanks to the devoted team of volunteer attorneys, community, and City partners for their support in making the dream of homeownership come true for the Solivan Family:
Lisa Cimpko
Carol Golden, Esq.
Reed Gusciora, Esq.
Housing Initiatives of Princeton
Nancy Lottinville, Esq.
Julie Murray, Esq.
Lee Parasole, Esq.
Princeton Justice Initiative
City of Trenton
City of Trenton Council
Charlie Yedlin