Our Trusted Partner

Hyacinth AIDS Foundation

When Hyacinth, New Jersey’s largest and first HIV service provider, opened its doors in 1985, our mission was to help people dying of HIV/AIDS do so with dignity and support. What a difference 35 years makes! Today, because of welcome advances in medical treatment and what scientists know about HIV, we’re helping our clients live full, healthy, and productive lives! Our mission is to help people live with HIV, stop the spread of the epidemic, and serve as a critical voice in the public debate surrounding AIDS in New Jersey.

Challenges still exist, and our work is far from over. Our staff of nearly 100 employees and more than 75 volunteers collaborate tirelessly to:

  • stop the spread of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and Hepatitis C through education and prevention strategies;
  • provide wellness and behavioral health services;
  • meet the unique needs of the diverse HIV community (gay, bisexual, transgender, women, addicts) through safe and supportive programs;
  • address stigma, housing challenges, and barriers to care and treatment; and
  • educate lawmakers and lobby for corrective/progressive legislation on HIV-related issues.

While programs change because of funding and client needs, our goals remain the same: to help each individual living with HIV develop the mental and physical strength to live with the disease, manage their sexual health, live life safely with partners, and maintain a treatment regimen that works most successfully for them.

Eight Offices in Seven Cities

Jersey City * Paterson * Plainfield * Trenton * New Brunswick * Newark * West New York